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A number of books about benzos and withdrawal
are available both for digital download and
in soft covers at BenzoBookReview.com.

Recovery & Renewal
by Bliss Johns

Recovery & Renewal is an essential guide for overcoming dependency and withdrawal from sleeping pills, other benzodiazepine tranquillisers and antidepressants. It is a useful, insightful and incredibly courageous book which delivers everything you need to know before, during and after. Family and friends will better understand the experience and will be equipped to give support. Doctors, counsellors, rehabilitation staff, recovery and mental health organisations will gain invaluable insight critical to providing best care. All proceeds from the sale of this book are paid to the Recovery Road charity.

by Colin Downes-Grainger

Following the book Prescription for Injury Colin Downes-Grainger has written a 28 page booklet on the subject of tranquillisers and the refusal of government to admit that those who become addicted through prescriptions are not the same population as those who become addicted through the illegal use of the drugs. That politicians persist in this immoral stance is a continuing cause for questioning concern, particularly as there are somewhere between 1 and 1.5 million innocent patients addicted in the UK at this time. The paper can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking the image above or here. More details.

by S.K. Torma

This is the true account of one woman's battle with and triumph over benzodiazepine addiction. This book includes how and where to get help/support for the addict and his/her family member. Included are stories of a few just like her, who have battled or are still battling prescription drug addiction.

From the author: "I wish I had easier access to benzo information like this while I was in the heat of battle. I could've handed a book just like this to my family and say 'See? It's not all just in my brain!', and earn them a little knowledge about my plight, bless their well-intentioned and loving hearts". The book is available from a lulu.com.

The World's Most Difficult Addiction Problem
by E. Robert Mercer

The most pervasive drug problem in the world is not heroin, not crack, not crystal meth, not pot, not any of the illicit drugs. Combined with the brutal nature of its addiction and the time and difficulty involved in withdrawing, a legal classification of drugs is by far the worst. Given its legal status and widespread use, benzodiazepines are secretly taking away the lives of Americans and people in other western cultures as we increasingly turn to pills to heal us. The elderly in particular are most easily victimized. In fact, what is happening in nursing homes across this country is nothing short of torture, as we frequently turn our elderly parents into zombies, too often for the sake of the convenience of the health care system. Author's website. The book is available from a lulu.com.

by Colin Downes-Grainger

Medicine inflicts widespread damage through mind altering drugs and a range of other drugs. This book answers the question of why so often dangerous drugs are sold to regulators and doctors as safe only for patients to discover later that this is far from true. The history of tranquillisers has been pulled together to show that doctors are not as expert as they think they are when they prescribe, that drug companies routinely exploit and control the existing medical system in the UK, that politicians and regulators fail to protect public health while saying that they do and that the British legal system allows almost no possibility of redress. This book answers the question of whether the first duty of the state really is the protection of its citizens. The book is now available for free online. Click here to download PDF file. More details here ». Printed copies are available from Fastprint.


by Simon Kaberry

A moving, powerful and very readable story which should be compulsory reading for very benzodiazepine user, every lawyer. every doctor, every judge - and everyone It explains why all benzo victims have been denied access to Justice by English courts - and always will be.

The full explanation of the benzo scandal is set by a lawyer, who was adversely affected by negligently prescribed benzodiazepines, and how he was then treated by our legal establishment and the 'expert' lawyers, who dragged him through our criminal and civil courts (1994 - 2005) blocking the truth at each turn, denying jury verdicts on the effects of benzodiazepines, and denying all common decency; the truth must not be told. Alas our top judges are shown to be not as independent, honest or clever as they assert, and we would hope.

The scandal is laid bare as never before, as is our faith in lawyers, and judges who have failed us all so completely, yet in whom we are asked to maintain blind faith.

Available in some bookshops and online (£10) from the publisher. Click here for details & ordering information

by Jack Hobson-Dupont

"Are you--or is someone you care about--taking tranquilizers or sleeping pills? You could be at risk of addiction without even knowing it. “Benzos” are the most commonly prescribed tranquilizers and sleeping pills, in use by millions of people. Doctors prescribe these drugs routinely without ever warning patients that regular use may cause a dangerous dependency. For many people, Benzos are much harder to quit than heroin, cocaine, crack and other illegal substances, even when taken under a physician’s supervision. Benzo Withdrawal may last for months, even years. Get the facts about the drugs in your medicine cabinet—facts the pharmaceutical companies, and even the FDA, don’t want you to know." The Benzo Book recounts the author's experience as an unwitting addict, with full details about minimizing withdrawal symptoms, and exposes the sociological, medical and economic factors which cause this widespread—yet largely unknown—problem. Available from lulu.com. Also available here online (PDF file).

Coming off Psychiatric Drugs:
Successful Withdrawal from Neuroleptics,
Antidepressants, Lithium, Carbamazepine &
Tranquilizers with prefaces by Judi Chamberlin,
Loren R. Mosher and Pirkko Lahti,
edited by Peter Lehmann (Berlin 2004)
For more details
click here.

The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills
Daniel F. Kripke, MD, Revised: February 2012
All-In-One · PDF File.

by Gurli Bagnall,
Benzo Survivor, New Zealand.
To order a copy
click here.

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Also available from:

by Joan E.Gadsby
For more details on this site
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by Di Porritt and Di Russell

"The Accidental Addict is an excellent self-help book,
offering support, hope and encouragement as well as
a full description of benzo symptoms and personal
stories of recovery. This book is a very important
resource for people having problems
dicontinuing benzodiazepines."

To order in Europe and the USA, please go to

To order in Australia and New Zealand
please write to
11 Muir Street, Hawthorn Vic. 3122, Australia

To download a copy of 'The Accidental Addict'
instantly please go to www.ashtonmanual.com

Free Yourself From Tranquilizers
& Sleeping Pills: A Natural Approach

by Shirley Trickett.
Available from: www.amazon.com
or on special order through
any reputable book store.

The title of this book in the UK is:
Coming off Tranquillizers,
Sleeping Pills & Anti-depressants

Order in the UK from:

Back to Life
by Pam Armstrong (England)
& Alive and Kicking
by Peter Ritson (England)

"All psychiatrists, GPs, as well as the
wider public, would profit from reading
this vivid personal account of
benzodiazepine dependence
and withdrawal."

Dr David C Mawson
Consultant forensic psychiatrist,
Chief medical officer,
Moss Side Hospital

You can order Back to Life and
Alive and Kicking
from CITA,
Council for Involuntary
Tranquilliser Addiction
Cavendish House
Brighton Road
Liverpool L22 5NG
Phone: 0151 932 0102
(10am-1pm Mon-Fri)

Your Drug May Be Your Problem
by Peter Breggin, MD
and David Cohen, PhD

Benzo Blues
by Edward Drummond, MD
View back cover

Benzodiazepine Blues:
Living With (& Without)
Minor Tranquilizers
by Jim Parker

The Great Anxiety Escape
by Max Ricketts

Bitter Pills
by Stephen Fried

Benzo Junkie
by Beatrice Faust

"In 1982 I was prescribed Ativan, one of the benzodiazepine family of tranquillisers. I spent the next five years in a state of misery, chasing a new, pervasive and mysterious illness that doctors could not diagnose... Eventually I identified what was the matter with me: I had been addicted."

Over half a million people are dependent on benzodiazepine tranquillisers and sleeping pills in Australia alone. How is it that dangerously addictive mind-altering drugs are sold so readily to a trusting public?

Beatrice Faust exposes the great international scandal of drugs that are sold without sufficient testing, drugs known to be dependence-inducing or harmful from the time they are released.

Combining well-documented research and reports from other persons dependent on benzos, Beatrice Faust's timely and important book is a biting analysis of malpractice in the medical-industrial complex. Doctors, drug companies and governments all profit from pushing benzos. Faust goes beyond critique and personal experience, pointing constructively towards a more preventative, holistic, patient-centred medical ethos."

Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?
by Dr Ann Tracy

Prisoner on Prescription
by Heather Jones

Medicines out of Control?
by Charles Medawar
and Anita Hardon

Published in March 2004, Medicines out of Control? draws on the SSRI antidepressant case history to describe a system of medicines' control tainted by secrecy and conflicts of interest, barely accountable to the public, lacking in common sense and losing sight of the meaning of health. Subtitled Antidepressants and the Conspiracy of Goodwill, this book reveals a demonstrably chaotic system of drug evaluation, driven by the almost unquestioned assumption that health is the product of greater 'disease awareness' and more new drugs.

These trends reflect the growing dominance of global and market values that now threaten to turn pharmaceutical medicine into something of a polluting enterprise, deeply damaging to the atmosphere of health. Alas, this is no more obvious than global warming to the driver of your average car.

Medicines out of Control? is an attempt to promote a complete rethink about what medicines contribute to health, and the basis of decision-making about drug benefits, risks and harm.

Medawar C, Hardon A: Medicines out of Control? - Antidepressants and the Conspiracy of Goodwill (Amsterdam: Aksant Academic Publishers, 2004). ISBN 90 5260 134 8. Paperback, 260 pages. Click here for more details and ordering information.

Power and Dependence
by Charles Medawar

Power and Dependence discusses the safety of medicines from a consumer perspective.

It focuses attention not so much on molecules, as on the conduct of the medical profession, government agencies and the drug companies. The extent of drug injury in Britain is compared to the extent of death and injury on the roads. It is suggested that drug injury is often avoidable – and that most of it can be traced to misconduct of some kind.

The book discusses the safety of medicines in the context of power and dependence. These themes are mainly elaborated in a detailed case history which explains why millions of people around the world became addicted to benzodiazepine tranquillisers like Valium, Ativan and Halcion. Evidence is given that the risks were always obvious and that the providers of medicine, between them, readily let this happen.

This book argues that levels of drug injury will remain unacceptably high until decision-makers are required publicly to explain and justify what they do. But at present, the pharmaceutical industry seems in some ways dangerously powerful, and government dangerously secretive and unresponsive to consumer needs – while many doctors, as drug prescribers, seem far out of their depth.

This informative book on benzodiazepine
problems can be ordered from:

Social Audit Ltd
PO Box 111
London NW1 8XG

Charles Medawar's
Social Audit web site

Judas Window
by Felicity Bielovich
(South Africa)

Life Without Tranquillisers
by Dr Vernon Coleman
England, 1985
Extracts from:
"Life Without Tranquillisers"

Stopping Valium
by Eve Bargmann, MD, Sidney M Wolfe, MD,
Joan Levin and the Public Citizen
Health Research Group

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